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How will Clerics do in PvP combat? December 1, 2009

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How will Clerics do in PvP combat? What do these healers have in their bag of tricks that will give them a fighting chance amongst some of the more devastating classes?Aion Clerics can immobilize opponents with Restraint, and can summon an immobile spirit that can attack at range for a short time, giving them a breather while they heal themselves. Aion leveling They can clear quite a few debuffs, and have some accomplished ranged attack skills that have a damage over time component to eat up enemies. At level 37, they can pop a Prayer of Focus to boost their ability to not be interrupted by a damaging attack, allowing them to heal themselves and attack their enemy more effectively for 10 seconds. At level 40, they can cast an immediate Blessed Shield on them that absorbs some damage and boosts healing skills. The biggest threat for a Cleric is anything that makes it unable to cast—either to cast a damaging skill, or to heal itself. That’s also why mana conservation and consumption is something that Clerics monitor constantly. (from lani) Aion

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