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Some little tips for Aion Warrior December 1, 2009

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Welcome to my blog here. If you are playing Warrior class in Aion, and want to know how to level in a quick and easy way, I think this warrior leveling guide would be helpful for you. First you should know 2 things: Where to go and what quests to accept.

Level Your Warrior Class In Aion On A Very Quick Way By Knowing Where To Go A very important aspect to leveling in Aion is to know where to go. You should go to places that are having lots of quests, not too many creatures and a very long travelling time.

You got to go to a place where you can go from south to north very fast. You don’t want to spend 10 minutes each time on travelling when you want to deliver a quest.

Warrior Class Leveling In Aion By Accepting The Best Quests Only an other very important aspect of leveling your character in Aion is knowing what quests to take and what quest to decline. You see, when it comes to getting quests you need to accept only quests that won’t take you 15 minutes but it still need to have a very good reward.

To determine whether a quest is good or bad you should estimate the time that this particular quest takes. So when you think that a quests in Aion will take 15 minutes to complete, decline it. When you think a quest takes 5 minutes to complete, accept it.

Also, you can determine whether a quest is good or bad by seeing if there’s a quest chain attached to it. These quests are mostly giving you a lot of experience.

So, take a quick view at this Aion Warrior Guide to start power leveling your Aion warrior character right now.


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