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The Attitude of Aion Templar Players December 1, 2009

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Playing as a templar does not only constitute in-game skills and features but the attitude of the player behind the character. The playing style of the player will definitely affect how effective this specific class can be. Generally speaking, templars are expected to remain calm even in the midst of adversity. There are a lot of unexpected things that may happen, like an unwanted mob pulled by somebody accidentally, somebody from the team gets disconnected, a teammate falls, mobs respawn near your party’s location, Aion Kinah your team’s healer gets targeted – the list continues on. When the going gets tough, templars are expected to fall first – or last. Getting worked up in those situations will lead to poor, uncoordinated decisions – sometimes, it may also trigger the nasty “blame game” which will further corrode the team’s cohesiveness.

It may be hard to do this for some since getting fired up when things go awry is part of being human. The only advise I can give is to stick to your role. Do what you’re supposed do in Aion. As a templar, your priority is to be the party’s meat shield. If an ally pulls an enemy towards him/her, ignore your current engagement temporarily and quickly generate its enmity towards you. If you have a good healer in your side, you shouldn’t worry about keeping your HP up.

Another thing is to have faith in your teammates. Being the center of the enemy’s attention isn’t necessarily a good thing but as long as you keep enemies at bay, that means you’re doing your job well.Aion kinah Trust your allies that they’ll do their jobs as you do yours. Now if ever you have someone in your party that performs poorly, don’t hate him/her. A little talking is all it takes to alleviate the situation – though admitably, this is not applicable in uncommon, unfortunate situations.

Lastly, be open and cut yourself some slack. Even if you think you’re doing well, you’ll never be perfect. Learn from mistakes as they’re part of your growth, not only as an individual but also as your own character. Experience is a great teacher after all. Be open for suggestions and (constructive) criticisms. Don’t blame yourself if things don’t go your way or if you did something that compromised your party; take it as another lesson and learn from it.

Besides, even though this is just a game, you play as your own character in this virtual world. Have fun and don’t make your role feel like a burdened job.


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