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Chinese young people under strong pressure: survey December 2, 2009

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Work, personal relationships and emotional problems are the major causes of stress for Chinese young people, according to a survey released Wednesday by China Youth Daily, one of the country’s leading newspapers.

The newspaper’s survey center interviewed 1,129 people aged between 19 and 35 across the country in April.

The survey found 52.3 percent thought their jobs gave them the most stress in life. Interpersonal relations and affection-related problems ranked second and third with 40.4 percent and 35.3 percent.

Of the men interviewed, 66.5 percent said they felt heavy pressure while only 3.7 percent said the pressure was small. Merely 0.3 percent reported feeling no pressure at all.

The survey also found that students were under more pressure than other groups.

To let release the pressure, they often resort to music, conversation, sports, diary-writing.

Psychological counseling were recognized as “a sound way for relaxation” by 37.1 percent of the surveyed. But 24.7 percent responded that they worried about the clinics’ service and 7.8 percent said they would be seen as “weird in others’ eyes.”

Moreover, 41.1 percent said they could not find a clinic or they did not know where to find one.


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