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Issue of Aion in Game Informer December 13, 2009

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This month Game Informer magazine, in their much ballyhooed 200th issue, had a one page article on Aion, “Bait and Switch: Aion launches with equal parts fun, grind, and gold spam”, by Adam Biessener.

The article was actually mostly positive, and remember that by the time it hits the newsstands the content is 2-3 months old, but they had a few things to say worth noting.

– Aion has the best directed PvP endgame available today.
-The problem is that you have to play several dozen hours of a mediocre World of Warcraft clone to gain access (to the endgame).
-The polish and iteration shows. Even Blizzard could learn from some of the little touches in Aion
-Even with my gripes about the game, it serves the chosen audience (hardcore PvPers) well.

They also had some nasty things to say about the gold spam and lack of NCSoft response, but remember the age of the article.

Although many parts of the current issue can be read online I could not find an online page for this specific article.


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