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The Aion Holiday Ascension Pack December 16, 2009

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The Aion Holiday Ascension Pack

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The Aion Holiday Ascension Pack!  From NCSoft
NCsoft has sent us a recent update regarding some of the holiday gift-giver gaming packages they’ve put together for the holiday season!

Here’s more in the official announcement from NCsoft:

Aion, the biggest MMORPG of the year, is bound to appear on several wish lists this holiday season thanks to its blend of rich storylines, state of the art graphics and robust community. At a time when entertainment costs are still rising, the value of an MMORPG gift this season can’t be denied. For the price of one videogame, Aion delivers hundreds of hours of entertainment to players who will work side-by-side with thousands of others in a quest to save Atreia – a world that has literally sundered in half from centuries of brutal conflict.

 In celebration of the game’s success this year, NCsoft is rewarding those who purchase Aion this holiday season from participating retailers with the Aion Holiday Ascension Pack – a  variety of exclusive in-game character enhancements that are perfect holiday gifts for players of all ages.

 The Aion Holiday Ascension Pack, available at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Wal-Mart includes these exclusive in-game characters items:

Special Dyes for customizing your character’s appearance
Amazon – Hot Orange Dye
Best Buy – Mustard Dye
Game Stop – True Black Dye
Target – True Red Dye
Wal-Mart – True White Dye
Lesser Life Potions (20)
Lodas’s Amulet (15)
Lesser Running Scroll (15)


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