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How to be a perfect Cleric December 25, 2009

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In fact, cure and control of the Department of occupation it is also very important, perhaps because you have a short few seconds constraints (or the blame is placed on a flash of physics), you can save games oh.

Fourth, do not exclude second wife, if you are fully capable of a single copy of the milk, you can choose only one cure for every team, if not competent to calmly accept the Well, and safeguarding both the DPS is in fact red and blue states do drugs, others give you save a lot of drug money, said.
Finally, team Lian Ji, copy, and only own a milk case, the protection order is: your blood is slightly crisp and the output of MT high DPS – other. Pairs of milk cases, the protection of the order: MT for himself a milk – the other DPS. The reason is often simple gray, to think of Kazakhstan. Prefer to F1F2F3 of children’s shoes can be dragged into the left field teams in that order.

Added added, to forget a very important thing, healing out essential xanthate at the same time to learn to solutions of the state. Purification, respectively to distinguish what is the solution of (mental disorder: sleep, incarnations petrochemicals. Flesh: The continuing injury, blindness, silence, mobile attack speed reduction, properties and physical defense reduction, etc.) Aion Kinah

The remaining strategic insight that only their own, to say useless.
The Great God thinks you are playing quite a PVP cattle X, and we a lot to say. This is only to point out make good use of restraint techniques and cure, PK definitely not the cure than a full set of X-fu dishes. Anyway, CD10S skills 6S singing 0S bondage techniques, would surely be the other side of the transfer fast, specific we does not say much more than they use on the experience up. Aion powerleveling,Aion Timecard,Aion CD key

Also running the course are advised to remember that safe range, N can be used more long-range weapons of course, is 25M. Being chased and the other to display their skills during the first assurance that he is not brought under control Oh, of course, a whole body of those magic resistance is not a lot of healing we what to say, after all, healing is a professional, one of the slowest run, playing devil is not without resistance reason.
Also referring to the next within a therapeutic protective film, it can see the legal system in your control skills, career singing when the seconds to open and then withstood I am. [Quoted from site here]


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